Emily Faris 
Creative Operating Officer, Word Ninja

Emily is a multi talented creative that not only handles the day to day operation of the business but is a total word ninja.  She's creative and super type A all at the same time.  She creates copy and captions like a boss, all while managing an overflowing inbox with grace and positivity.  In her spare time, Emily loves to relax with a good book and believes that a great outfit can make your day! 

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Shannon LeBlanc 
Creative Director, Photographer, & Social Butterfly

Shannon is the creative force behind The Curated Clover.  As a nationally published photographer she has a keen eye for detail and a knack for knowing which photos will enhance your social media feeds and increase your audience reach. Shannon is Disney obsessed, doesn't go anywhere without a Sonic route 44 unsweet tea and loves anything that sparkles! 

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