Today's customers are social, which makes maintaining a social presence critical for your brand to stay relevant. Many companies struggle to strike a balance between managing their social media platforms and running their business. That's where The Curated Clover comes in! We take care of managing your social platforms so you can take care of everything else. 

when you give us the reins we create your unique brand story. 

We develop an individualized strategy for your business that is designed to reach your brand audience. We will post across platforms, engage with your community and create a cohesive aesthetic. 

The Curated Clover social media management packages are ideal for businesses: 
- Wanting to increase their social media presence
- Seeking to unburden themselves from the time  commitment necessary for impactful branding 
- Willing to give full control of the strategic and creative implementation of social media content to The Curated Clover

We Provide Mind-Easing Management

Social media management

From photography to copy, we know what it takes to create high quality and unique content that aligns with your brand's message.  We curate images that impact your audience and attract attention.  We want to make your brand visible by taking your ideas and molding them into influential and marketable content. 

What we offer:
- Brand Photography
- Social Media Captions
- Hashtag Research 
- Blog Posts

We create Scroll-stopping content

content curation

Whether you’re a savvy social media marketer, or need to start with basic foundational skills, we tailor every coaching session to your individual needs. If you are new to social media or content marketing, we will oversee you through a full set up, from branding to execution. If you already have an existing program, we will collaborate on strategies to boost your social presence.

Every session includes:
• Full social media or content assessment
• 3 or 5 hour hands-on virtual coaching session
• Templates for planning, organizing and tracking your efforts

We Offer Media Mentoring

Social Media Coaching

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